TÜV geprüft
MotorCheckUp - der Motorschnelltest
  • Einfacher Motortest

    „I love MOTORcheckUP! Now I can test my motor facile, fast and safe myself.”

  • "MOTORcheckUP performs like the doctor does: Just one drop of fluid gives information about the health state of motor, brake, steering and transmission. Easy. Fast. Reliable."

  • Motor vor dem Kauf testen

    „ I play it safe when buying a car and check the motor before deciding.“

  • Vor dem Urlaub Motor testen

    „When we go on holiday daddy always tests the motor. That is easy as winking.”

  • Frauen testen den Motor

    „MOTORcheckUP gives me a feeling of secureness on longer trips. I play it safe!”

  • Vor dem Urlaub Motor testen

    „Before we go on holiday I always check my car with MOTORcheckUP to be safe to arrive without stress.”

  • Auswertung

    „The evaluation of the test result is very easy thanks the enclosed brochure”.


Why you, as specialist, should use MOTORcheckUP.

With MOTORcheckUP and FLUIDcheckUP many possibilities open up for specialists in the evaluation and assessment of breaks, power steering and the gear box. You will also be able to very easily judge the engine by each time only needing one drop of fluid to identify possible damage or reasons for irregularities. Now these items will not be left out any more. The test system offers specialists and organisations significant added value – and makes them better than the competition.

  • You get a “picture” of the inside of the engine, the breaks, power steering and the gear box.
  • This way you can establish the true value of the vehicle more precisely.
  • You save on these expensive items.
  • You offer your clients special added value
  • Your image grows
  • You are different from the competition.

 By the way: many specialists use our tests as evidence in court (see references)

The products especially for Experts and Organisations

This sophisticated test for experts consists of four test fields. It is manufactured in format DIN A 6, 3 pages.

This version was developed with TÜV SÜD, department for assessment and leasing return, members of MAS, SZU and in many discussions with SV of VKS, BVKS and KUS.

Vehicle parts dealers also showed great interest.

What can this test be used for? First and foremost for use by experts and workshops in their daily working life.

  • Vehicle valuation
  • Leasing returns
  • Damage valuations
  • Used car reports
  • Fault diagnosis
  • Client loyalty