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MotorCheckUp - der Motorschnelltest
  • Einfacher Motortest

    „I love MOTORcheckUP! Now I can test my motor facile, fast and safe myself.”

  • "MOTORcheckUP performs like the doctor does: Just one drop of fluid gives information about the health state of motor, brake, steering and transmission. Easy. Fast. Reliable."

  • Motor vor dem Kauf testen

    „ I play it safe when buying a car and check the motor before deciding.“

  • Vor dem Urlaub Motor testen

    „When we go on holiday daddy always tests the motor. That is easy as winking.”

  • Frauen testen den Motor

    „MOTORcheckUP gives me a feeling of secureness on longer trips. I play it safe!”

  • Vor dem Urlaub Motor testen

    „Before we go on holiday I always check my car with MOTORcheckUP to be safe to arrive without stress.”

  • Auswertung

    „The evaluation of the test result is very easy thanks the enclosed brochure”.

Einfacher Motortest mit Öl

Fast, inexpensive and safe.
For all vehicles.

Einfacher Öltest für die Industrie

For the quick testing of all
fluids in Industry.

LIQUI MOLY our new client!

Do you know LIQUI MOLY? One of the most successful and aggressive all-round Oil Company? Located in nearly 120 countries? The most liked oil brand in Germany? Well-known and high quality? Of course, you know. LIQUI MOLY has a new idea created; we designed it and delivered the complete product: Gear Tronic. The concept behind: LIQUI MOLY sells to work shop this kit to give an instrument to store the old ATF and the sample of the new after changing for possible guaranty. With our test, the workshop can check the oil and find out if it contains water or cooling water. On more important benefit: The workshop can show the result to its client. He proofs the necessity of regularly changes of automatic transmissions oil. Client binding in two, three ways. We continue with more jobs. 

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