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MotorCheckUp - der Motorschnelltest
  • Windkraftanlagen

    « FLUIDcheckUP rend possible, simple, sûre et rapide l’essai de tous les liquides d’opération et l’identification de leur état de santé ».

  • Hydrauliköltest

    « Grâce à une seule goutte de liquide de travail vous pouvez apprendre dans quelque minutes, par l’intermédiaire de FLUIDcheckUP, le résultat de l’évaluation.»

  • Öltest bei Baumaschinen

    « Dans la situation où il est constaté une erreur ou l’usure, celles-ci peuvent être vite identifiées et corrigées. »

  • Öltest in der Industrie

    « En vérifiant les composantes de sécurité à l’aide de FLUIDcheckUP vous pouvez identifier clairement l’état de santé des agrégats. »

  • Öltest bei Landmaschinen

    « Les tests sont destinés à la diagnose des erreurs et contribuent à épargner du temps et de l’argent. »

  • Öltest in der Industrie

    « A l’aide des tests clairs et simples des fluides de travail, les clients se rendront compte de l’usure et de l’état de fonctionnement. »

  • Auswertung

    « Grâce à FLUIDcheckUP, les flux de travail sont arrêtés seulement pendant peu de temps, prévenant ainsi les arrêts de longue durée. »

FLUIDcheckUP – the quick test for all lubricating oils

All lubricating oils contain important additives to prevent damage and protect the oils from overheating, wear and tear and ageing. When these oils age, or are used up, oil sludge is formed. Because of this, the life expectancy and efficiency of the motor decrease, while at the same time increasing operating costs and jeopardising the functionality of operating areas.

FLUIDcheckUP you can get in different shapes:

FLUIDcheckUP Automotive

The FLUIDcheckUP standard test consists of three test fields. With these, you can perform simple, reliable and fast tests for the level of dirt and wear and tear on the brake fluid, automatic steering oil and gearbox or automatic gearbox oil.

The FLUIDcheckUP standard test can be used for every client to repair the identified defects immediately. This increases the sale of oils and gives the client a sense of security.

The test is also suitable as a marketing tool. Invitations, free gifts as an addition to the test, etc.


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FLUIDcheckUP Industrie

The FLUIDcheckUP industry test consists of two test fields. It is a simple, safe and fast way to test the degree of dirt and wear and tear on the hydraulic oil and transmission.

FLUIDcheckUP industry can be used for every client, and identified deficiencies can be rectified immediately. This raises the turnover of working oils and gives the client a better sense of security.

The test lends itself marketing activities, invitations, free gifts and as addition to check-up actions, etc.


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MOTORcheckUP FLUIDcheckUP Motorradtest

MOTORcheckUP and FLUIDcheckUP for motorbikes was developed especially with motorbike riders as the target group. With this test, as with all others, the company design of the clients can be realised.

It tests the brake fluid and the condition of the engine. Motorbike riders are always concerned about safety and quality. They are pleased to be able to test the state of health of their machine and the soundness of their brake fluid. The test is suitable as promotional material, for invitations, campaigns, and direct sales and is also to be used in the workshop when doing a service as a tool to promote the client/workshop relationship.

FLUIDcheckUP Expertentest

FLUIDcheckUP test for experts consists of four test fields. It is manufactured in the format DIN A 6, 3 pages.

This version was developed with TÜV SÜD, department for assessment and leasing return, members of MAS, SZU and in many discussions with the experts of VKS, BVKS and KUS.

Vehicle parts dealers have also shown great interest.

What can this test be used for?

First and foremost, it is for use by experts and workshops in their daily working life.

  • Vehicle valuation
  • Leasing returns
  • Damage valuations
  • Used car reports
  • Fault diagnosis
  • Client loyalty

With the new application in one test, you now have the opportunity to assess the brakes, power steering and gears, as well as being able to judge the motor. You need only one drop of oil to determine possible damage or the reason for irregularities in a very simple way. Now these components will no longer be left out. This test system offers experts and businesses considerable added value – and makes them better than the competition.                            


MOTORcheckUP FLUIDcheckUP Kombitest

The combined test unites the advantages of MOTORcheckUP and FLUIDcheckUP in one test system.

With many vehicles, it is not possible to extract oil samples from the gears without difficulty. Therefore, we listened in particular to the requests of workshops that use the product in their services, and developed a so-called combined test. Now you can very easily check your motor, as well as the brakes and power steering.

Benefits for the client

  • Actual picture of the state of health of the motor, brakes and power steering.
  • Changes in the components become visible
  • Possible damage is recognisable
  • Safety over a longer period
  • Especially suitable for professionals: taxis, buses, trucks and haulage contractors

Benefit for workshops or trade

  • More confidence for clients: they can follow what the workshop describes.
  • Satisfied clients, as they are included in decision-making
  • Potential for trust is enhanced
  • Understandable explanations
  • Image is enhanced
  • Documentation over a longer period of time is made possible.

With a requirement of 10,000 pieces, we will be happy to manufacture the tests according to the client’s wishes and design. You can show your client the state of health of the motor and the client is able to follow the explanations better. Confidence will be enhanced. The use of the test enhances your image and identifies you as an innovative business with innovative products. The test increases client loyalty, thus resulting in higher turnover.

We would be pleased to advise you regarding implementation and answer all your questions.

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