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MotorCheckUp - der Motorschnelltest
  • Einfacher Motortest

    „I love MOTORcheckUP! Now I can test my motor facile, fast and safe myself.”

  • "MOTORcheckUP performs like the doctor does: Just one drop of fluid gives information about the health state of motor, brake, steering and transmission. Easy. Fast. Reliable."

  • Motor vor dem Kauf testen

    „ I play it safe when buying a car and check the motor before deciding.“

  • Vor dem Urlaub Motor testen

    „When we go on holiday daddy always tests the motor. That is easy as winking.”

  • Frauen testen den Motor

    „MOTORcheckUP gives me a feeling of secureness on longer trips. I play it safe!”

  • Vor dem Urlaub Motor testen

    „Before we go on holiday I always check my car with MOTORcheckUP to be safe to arrive without stress.”

  • Auswertung

    „The evaluation of the test result is very easy thanks the enclosed brochure”.

Einfacher Motortest mit Öl

Fast, inexpensive and safe.
For all vehicles.

Einfacher Öltest für die Industrie

For the quick testing of all
fluids in Industry.


What is MOTORcheckUP?

MOTORcheckUP is a system based on chemical analysis and evaluation. With this system you can check ingredients of motor oil, brake fluid, power steering oil (hydraulic oil) as well as gear oil. This enables you to draw conclusions about irregularities, faults, damage to the aggregate or the state of the oil. By the results you can see what possible defects are present and what measures should be taken.

How does MOTORcheckUP work?

It is best compared with a visit to a doctor. He takes one drop of the patient’s blood and so looks into the body. MOTORcheckUP works the same way. Only one drop of oil or fluid is enough to look into motor, brakes, steering and gears.

How complicated is this?

The use as well as the evaluation is extremely simple. The respective drop of oil is extracted from the motor or container and is applied to the test paper, then the result is compared with the easily read charts – done.

Are there similar systems available?

MOTORcheckUP can very well be compared with dialysis tests, pregnancy tests or testing of the water in the fish tank.

Are the test results reliable?

The mode of operation and effectiveness of MOTORcheckUP were tested under the most stringent conditions by TÜV SÜD automotive. (Test number: B 09 04 6995 001)

In their report TÜV SÜD attest to the functionality and effect of MOTORcheckUP. The production is being monitored by TÜV SÜD on a regular basis. The manufacture and improvement of the special paper are subject to the strictest demands of the QM-system according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008.

What motivation does MOTORcheckUP follow?

The main argument: Motors and aggregates are to be protected from failure and damage, thereby preventing expensive repairs. Timely recognised damage does not lead to total failure any longer. This saves money, operation time and upset.

What can MOTORcheckUP find out?

With the motor, the oil makes it possible to see if the combustion is still functioning well or if the turbocharger is defective. Abrasion and sediments can also be detected. Wear of the motor oil and the resulting defects, water and fuel in the oil are also analysed.

What are the advantages?

The look into the motor gives the expert and layperson information about the state of health of the motor. This way you can easily recognise what state your motor is in. Is combustion all right, maybe the injector is damaged, or even the turbocharger? Is there water or fuel in the oil or is the oil itself still all right. All this contributes to a longer life for the motor.

How and how long can the tests be stored?

The tests can best be stored at normal room temperature. The shelf life is up to ten years.

Should you store the tests in a damp environment (boats, ships), we recommend they be stored in plastic bags which we will happy to supply.


Are there problems with waste disposal?

The tests can be disposed of with normal household waste without any problem as the chemicals are totally harmless.

 You can contribute to environmentally friendly disposal by stripping the test medium from the carton and then disposing of it with the paper.


Do experts use these tests?

Many specialists and institutions work with this system. GTÜ , TÜV SÜD, BVSK, VKS, to mention just a few. The tests are used for reports (also as evidence in court), valuations and checks for classic cars.

Who invented this test system?

MOTORcheckUP was developed by its inventor, Gert Horstmeyer, during many hours in the laboratory. Patents for this unique invention were applied for in many countries across the world.

Does MOTORcheckUP have any competition?

MOTORcheckUP is practically without competition. In Europe the patent was granted on 10.2.2010. (Patent no. EP1825256). In numerous countries across Europe the patent is being nationalised. A laboratory test could be classed as the only “competition” but the comparison is misleading: laboratory tests are more precise and more detailed. They are more expensive and take longer for the result to be available. To interpret this analysis correctly, a high degree of specialised knowledge of chemistry is required. That is why MOTORcheckUP is so much simpler as you have pictures to read and compare.

What is FLUIDcheckUP?

This test system follows the same principle as MOTORcheckUP. The basis is the so-called chromatographic effect. This is a test system for inspecting aggregates and equipment which work with hydraulics. Here, also, the look into aggregates is made possible via the fluids. By analysing a drop of fluid, you can recognise abrasion, wear, dirt or possible faults and deficiencies.

How does FLUIDcheckUP work?

FLUIDcheckUP works the same way as MOTORcheckUP: only one drop of fluid placed on the test paper gives you a picture which can be compared with the particular charts.

How fast does it work?

With FLUIDcheckUP of MOTORcheckUP you test the degree of effectiveness of the oils and establish their ability to function. Depending on the age and wear of the oils the completed result becomes visible after only 15 minutes. In this way FLUIDcheckUP indicates the actual state of the oils. This test is not only for your safety but also for preventive maintenance, reliability of the aggregates, avoidance of expensive repairs and extension of life span.

Where can FLUIDcheckUP be used?

There are numerous applications : Automotive, industry, farming, building and construction industry, wind power stations.

What can FLUIDcheckUP test on your car?

For vehicles, this system is used on brakes, power steering and gears. The specific fluid is used to examine the condition of the system.

With the brakes the test will give information about abrasion, dirt, breakdown of additives. The percentage of water is recognisable but only by a trained eye. Abrasion can develop on brake cylinders. This, will become visible with the use of the test, also dirt (leaking pipes) and the breakdown of additives.

What are the advantages?

 All oils contain important additives which are meant to prevent damage. They protect the oil from overheating, wear and changes. When these additives are used up oil sludge forms. Because of this life span and performance are reduced, while at the same time operating costs rise and threat to functioning of working areas grows.  With FLUIDcheckUP of MOTORcheckUP you test the degree of effectiveness of the oils and establish their ability to function.