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MotorCheckUp - der Motorschnelltest
  • Einfacher Motortest

    „I love MOTORcheckUP! Now I can test my motor facile, fast and safe myself.”

  • "MOTORcheckUP performs like the doctor does: Just one drop of fluid gives information about the health state of motor, brake, steering and transmission. Easy. Fast. Reliable."

  • Motor vor dem Kauf testen

    „ I play it safe when buying a car and check the motor before deciding.“

  • Vor dem Urlaub Motor testen

    „When we go on holiday daddy always tests the motor. That is easy as winking.”

  • Frauen testen den Motor

    „MOTORcheckUP gives me a feeling of secureness on longer trips. I play it safe!”

  • Vor dem Urlaub Motor testen

    „Before we go on holiday I always check my car with MOTORcheckUP to be safe to arrive without stress.”

  • Auswertung

    „The evaluation of the test result is very easy thanks the enclosed brochure”.

Einfacher Motortest mit Öl

Fast, inexpensive and safe.
For all vehicles.

Einfacher Öltest für die Industrie

For the quick testing of all
fluids in Industry.


A very well-known filter specialist has its clients mainly in the ship industry. FILTEC uses the tests with 6 windows (six-pack) as a service instrument and for marketing. Now the clients can check the diesel engines themselves. 


SCHLUETTER delivers turbo chargers to work shops. Together with the turbo they get  MOTORcheckUP as an instrument to find out: What was the reason for the turbo damage. SCHLUETTER uses the test also for complaints.

Motorschnelltest Conrad Electronics

Motorcheckup bei Conrad

CONRAD Electronic, one of the biggest shop and online shop for electronic articles in EUROPE, is selling since two weeks the new designed MOTORcheckUP for end consumer. Already from the introduction of that design, CONRAD has shown great interest of this Health Check for Motors.

AXA promotes a special client binding program within their Sales Promotion and Client Compliance Program and has integrates MOTORcheckUP. AXA offers our product for their clients to take advantage of MOTORcheckUP when buying a second hand car or before starting on holiday as well as check to bike and mobile homes. This is for an insurance company important to give their clients the feeling to care about them. Clients can buy the test directly in their shop.


PROFI TECH’s clients are mainly in the near east countries. Motor oil like we have in our countries are in those not available. To proof the quality and reliability of Profi Tech oil, this company trusts on MOTORcheckUP with big success.

ZAK e.V. is the only association in Germany of free lancing car experts and also employed experts in organisations and insurances. Many members are working day by day with MOTORcheckUP.


Many German Experts are using MOTORcheckUP Tests for examinations and evaluation. Like Engineer Claus Brüning, Hamburg, they take them also as proof at court.